Toxins to Avoid

Toxins to Avoid

Hepatitis, Alcohol and Binge Drinking
Alcohol is approximately two to four times more destructive to the liver of about 1 million citizens with viral hepatitis. 60% of those drinking 21 units go cirrhotic after 5 years. Alcohol abuse is often fatal to the undiagnosed. One helpline caller had quintupled his ALT score with a weekend binge.

Hepatitis, Prescriptions and Binge Medicating
The following list is a guide to medicines used to treat many medical conditions. The list does not include all medicines that may affect the liver systems. If a medicine you are taking is not listed here, check with your doctor. One helpline caller noted an ALT score of 625 after 3 months of paracetamol.  
We once had 3 callers in A and E one Christmas due to prescriptions, 6% of A and E admissions are due to drug reactions and we are convinced hepatitis patients are suffering terribly here. We have regularly audited patients parked on varied prescriptions that are literally making them very ill. One lady had been on Tranquilizers and sleeping pills due her husband dying, yet on asking we discovered he had died 18 years previously!  A Norwich patient on painkillers had been to A and E more than 10 times and was still prescribed, an antibiotics course for clamidiya caused another HBV patient to liver fail completely and they kept giving it to him until an ICU unit worked out it was killing him. Another patient was given paracetamol, he reported nose and bottom bleeds from week one and was prescribed for 4 years. Audit with your liver team and doctor anything you are on permanently, get both their numbers and use them, is advice we give to patients.  Very often there are softer more liver friendly drugs that do the same job.

List of medicines to use with caution if you have Hepatitis B or C
Acetaminophen Paracetamol  
Calcium channel blockers
Potassium chloride   
Protein Shakes

Hepatitis, Obesity, Diet and Binge Eating.
While not as yet totally defined, many factors influence the rate of Hepatitis disease progression. Diet plays an important role in this process, as all foods and beverages that we ingest must pass through the liver to be metabolized. In particular obesity and fatty liver disease can further damage the liver. So try to 
Keep slim 
Avoid fried food 
Avoid late night eating as the liver heals when we sleep
Eat a good breakfast and less at night
Admit if you are overweight and try to slim down
Eat more greens and less red meat
Try fish and white meat

Become more vegetarian.
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