Pre and Post Test Counseling Factsheet

Pre and Post Test Hepatits B and C Counseling

The Hepatitis B and C Pre-Test Discussion 
Should ask for informed consent for testing by the patient after explaining:
  • The value of knowing liver status and diagnosing a viral hepatitis early
  • Assessment of Infection Risks and or Symptoms that need testing
  • Explanation of risks for HBV/HCV being common
It may be necessary, to assess if support is needed for a test result, e.g. with children, the mentally ill and the elderly, and to reduce infection risks, e.g. vaccination/safer blood hygiene practice.

The Hepatitis Post-Test Discussion  
The test result should be given in a manner that is confidential and sensitive.
  • An Understanding of HCV / HBV’s Disease Journey. With HCV explanation that is not a sex disease is advised
  • Liver Friendly lifestyle, explanation as to how HCV/HBV kills with pills or alcohol 
  • The Basics of both HBV Vaccination and Blood hygiene precautions, people need to use plasters and bleach spills. HBV also requires safer sex as the virus can be in sexual fluids
  • Medical Referral to a liver specialist, and a source of disease printed information such as the Hep C Trust or Hep B Positive provide 
  • Assessment of mental state - people diagnosed with hepatitis can react very differently; many find the emotional shock more harmful than the virus. It is important to make sure they are able to understand and learn quickly what hepatitis is and is not. 
On Occasion it is necessary to arrange education, rehabilitation or psychological counseling or therapy. 
It is crucial when testing for Hepatitis B and C to make people aware that both are silent killers.  For the 100 million expected to die and the one million dying each year, nothing can cure their delayed test. The one thing these viruses need to kill is time, usually 30 to 50 years of missed test opportunities. New Paragraph
It is crucial every patient receives a “Just Diagnosed Pack” which allows them to properly educate themselves. Without the Pack many experience unnecessary depression, illness and onward infections.
Once diagnosed it is important to turn worry into wisdom fast. For HCV see
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