Hepatitis and Vaccine Gun Campaigns

Hepatitis B and C 
Vaccine Gun Campaigns

The 200 million hepatitis c infections closely mirror the mass use of vaccine guns and prison blood banking post war until 1991. 
A single gun campaign in Egypt infected 15% of the population in 1970’s.
The vast bulk of Hepatitis C in Africa is from this source.

We were so unaware of the dangers of reusing syringes for vaccinations in the past that many nations in Africa printed stamps celebrating using these guns.  
Above Niger admits over a million vaccinations were done, 99% of these injections were with contaminated already used needles used over and over again

Exactly the same thing occurred with Hepatitis B which is 10 times more infectious than Hepatitis C in blood. As the map shows 10 times the people or 2 billion were infected silently mainly as children.  
If you remember these vaccine guns in the past in your school get everyone tested for HBV and HCV fast.
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