Premiership Blood Hygiene

Premiership Blood Hygiene

Remember fro every person infected with HIV from sex there are 60 who have caught Hepatitis from blood, so be careful of it always.
It is important to know your standard precautions when dealing with wounds and spilt blood. We have become aware of the threat from water viruses eg cholera, from air ones e.g. flu, from sex ones e.g. HIV, but we are nationally falling short with blood viruses from transfusion or wound.

1 Firstly, use plasters; with a blood virus it is always important to promptly plaster any flowing wound (a gateway for infection into your system). Remember one in 10 people on Earth now bleed blood viruses HBV, HCV, HIV, and use prompt plasters.

2 Secondly, watch where you bleed, it is necessary to think where spilt blood can live shared razors, shared DIY tools, and sharp milk teeth at school. Teach children, especially boys, that blood is in no way for display, a la Hollywood.

3 Thirdly, don’t fight, in Australia, risk questioning found high numbers (most) of infected co-habiters have a history of domestic violence. Fighting is proven by the International Boxing Federation to transmit at a rate of every 10 rounds, so this risk needs to be taken very seriously.

4 Fourthly, use only hot water or bleach and always wear gloves for cleaning spills. Only heat kills blood virus’s out of the body, other cleaning agents don’t work.

5 Fifthly, hepatitis b vaccination protects for life and is the world’s most used vaccine by healthcare staff and first aiders.

Facts about Hepatitis disease prevalence and danger have sparked blood hygiene globally
  • globally 1 in 12 humans bleed a hepatitis blood virus and 
  • globally 1 in 10 of the infected die, 90 million
Education is needed to get the protections enjoyed by wealthy footballers into our schools. With at least 30% of infections having no clear cause, unhygienic blood spill, is the major suspect.

On the UK national helpline for years we have heard of recurring causes of HBV infection from a lack of blood hygiene, the latest outbreaks include re used caustic sticks at barbers, reused buckets and sponges at Sunday football matches and both in Contact Sports Venues such as boxing and martial arts clubs. The most common being unplastered children in our schools.

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