NHS employed and Diagnosed with HBV?

NHS Employed and Diagnosed with HBV?

Just Diagnosed?

Over many years we have taken calls from NHS doctors, exposure prone nurses and a whole raft of specialist workers from porters to midwives, from pharmacists to staff in training at Medical Colleges.  To all we offer in depth care and advice to ensure their careers and also their patients safety.  We are committed to the fact that such staff often infected on the job have every right to rapidly becoming undetectable for HBV on anti viral medication.  Too many are marched off premises by security and treated as pariahs during Patient Notification Excercises that have only ever discovered the national average of HBV among their patients.

Sadly the NHS culture of silence about HBV among staff and lack of rigorous testing has led many untested for HBV for decades, this in turn has led to many preventable deaths among nurses and other staff.  Neither Liver Cancer or decompensated cirrhosis have much in the way of cures very often.

Our head of HBV moms was infected while working at Great Ormond Street, our Head of Occupational Infections while serving at St John Ambulance, call us if you have a diagnosis in strictest confidence for advice, support and a plan forward.  

Reasons for NHS Staff Infections or delayed Diagnosis

Over 60% of frontline NHS staff are now from endemic for HBV areas, many are given 3 vaccinations and never actually tested for HBV.
Many staff miss their critical HBV Immunity tests to check if the vaccine is working
Many staff do not realise 15% of HBV vaccinations have a poor response
Many staff do not realise the HBV vaccination is a 10 year one needing boosters
Many staff return after long career/maternity breaks

We admitted 1 in 17 nurses caught HBV in the Eighties, we need to admit how it is now, when we tested for Hepatitis C in nurses in 2000 the Health Protection Agency found 1% infection rates, we need to do exactly the same for Hepatitis B right now.

Finally if our sister charity the Hepatitis B Foundation knows a nurse dies daily from HBV in the US, how can we pretend not one is afflicted here?
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