Hepatitis B and Child Vaccination

Hep B Vaccinations and Children  

25% of children currently born in the UK are from Endemic for Hepatitis B communities. 
UK children are testin1 in 150 infected on NHS wards from 2007 until 2013 or the last 8 years study the reports here 
The UK is alone in the world ignoring a huge population with hepatitis b arriving 
while denying basic healthcare to them and especially our, at up to 20 times at risk of HBV, children.

We now have in the UK the only unvaccinated for Hepatitis B Brown, Yellow and Black children on Earth
The World Health Organisation has pleaded with health services to vaccinate these children for 20 years.
Over 4 million children are at real risk of catching Hepatitis B incurably from their endemic communities, we on this page detail each infection report over the last 40 months to the UK helpline, we are aware of this being simply the tip of the iceberg.  Our NHS child wards had a chronic Hepatitis B Infection level of 0.7% from 2007 to date during thousands of tests to survey their HBV infection levels.

When we questioned 13 times in the House of Commons via Sir David Amess, Chair of UK all Party Parliamentary Group on Hepatitis, this percentage report being clear evidence of tens of thousands of children being infected.  See Letter to Minister.

Our Health Minister Jane Ellison and our Government stated they cannot recognise their own published figures and archived them.  Archived them! This is a national tragedy our children are testing 30 times more infected than US children and we are simply not being told.  This is not just the worst testing and vaccinating of children for HBV on Earth, it is not even spin and expertly lying politics, it starts to feel like sacrifice to us.  Think of the action when 40,000 gays were found to have caught HIV in the Eighties, yet 40,000 of our children are testing infected with something as deadly and as incurable and no one is allowed to know.

The Child related calls speak for themselves

16 and asked to do cleaning, acute hbv now chronic. She is a qualified doctor now.
17 and a porter with hand eczema now acute hbv and his raf career on hold
16 teen year old Malaysia mum never vaccinated
17 teen year old chronic from a tattoo
4 year old sent back to Sierra Leone infected
18 did first aid course her and partner hbv infected acute
16 year old Phillipino sent back at 8 infected
14 year old who contracted hbv from the school boxing club, no one knew the risk at school.
Many calls - For tens of thousands of children, there is often no one in the school with deep blood hygiene awareness  
14 year old Afghani boy never warned his blood is infectious, He has lived with over 60 people in foster families and his stunned foster mum mentioned is always hurting himself
17 year old beauty treatment, botox party infection
4 girls one class all infected west london school parent called
13 teen year old Ghanaian girl infected when sent overseas for female genital mutilation, many older ladies cite FGM as their main risk
Disturbed hbv positive 17 teen year old in sheltered accommodation 5 of his carers and 2 other children had already experienced bloodspills.
We have had special needs related calls concerning hundreds in these situations
An undiagnosed sixth former who unwittingly transmitted her hbv to her first partner. Both quit their degrees, poor information led both into isolation and depression
A teenage teaching assistant reported sharp milk teeth as a transmission rout
A boy who pokey pawed 14 other children with the same needle 
A girl of 18 told by her GP father never too mention her infection when 11 as she will become marriageable.
A School first aider infected by a pupil
A Principal advised of 6 possible super carrier students admitted she already had caught HBV from a pupil
An 18 teen year old infected and yellow after a tattoo in London
a 2 month baby infected by having ears pierced in Norwich
A 4 month old infected having ears pierced in London
A mother rang her husband had HBV yet the children denied vaccinations now all 3 infected, 2 chronic
A 15 year old boy infected when granny borrowed his razor visiting from Pakistan
Family of 3 children 7, 9 and 13 all infected when HBV positive dad started using insulin injections
A Nursery Carer caught HBV from a blood spill
A School care taker caught HBV from the blood spills
A sixteen year old Pilipino girl doing gcse’s she has hbv and ehbv. Mum was in floods, she is also hbv positive.  
An Ethiopian rang taking her family for 1 year stay in rural Ethiopia as mum is dying. Children 2 4 7 9. GP said no risk all 4 flew unvaccinated. Last family like this had two children infected on return.  
A 15 teen year old girl, her mum rang first in tears of guilt and dread at having the virus and infecting her daughter. She felt HBV would destroy her life. The daughter however was calm and quick to learn all about HBV. She developed the catch phrase for all our patient care –

                           “HBV? Great meds and great vaccs, no problem.”  

She has been invaluable in designing wrap around family care for HBV children and infectious to others with her managing plan , even her own mum has really benefited.
Girl was diagnosed at 15 and avoided all human touch until 19, she had no idea millions of people with HBV get married. She helped develop the 7 point teen advice pack and pointed out being told you have a sex disease in front of your mum is a tough place to ask questions. She is studying healthcare communications at university now.
  1. Prognosis – how to live longer than most
  2. Relations and Children – how to fall in love and have children 
  3. How to vaccinate and protect school friends and loved ones
  4. Understanding HBV the Liver and their tests
  5. Premiership Blood Hygiene
  6. HBV Do’s and Don’t
  7. Who to tell 
19 teen year old Almas rang shortly after her father died of liver cancer. Her mother, a Health Minister in Malawi, was horrified a man presenting with high risk and liver symptoms had not been tested over 30 years. Almas is studying healthcare with a focus on HBV border safety testing and HBV vaccination of its migrant populations at Canterbury
12 year infected after a transplant
16 year old infected when cleaning blood after a first aid course
12 year Somali infected after doing first aid course and practising at school

To add to all this there are also medical reports which have never been made public by the media sadly these studies were done long ago now see 2002 in Liverpool 8.7% of Somali under fives were catching Hepatitis B. To date instead of shining a light on what is a clear and present danger to millions of children we are in denial, still scared of saying the unsayable.

Hepatitis B was and is a Child Virus, that is why 200 nations HBV vaccinate their children as routine.  

Join us to make this safety a reality for every UK child, help us to find every single infected child.  Even if there are 30,000 of them.  For every adult with HIV we have spent 100 times the thought and resource than we have for these children.  Children with no voice, children who cannot protect themselves and desperately need us to protect them.
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