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Hepatitis B Vaccinations

Hepatitis B is highly infectious if you come into contact with the blood of an infected person, to date 1 in 3 humans has already been infected.  The Virus has tripled in the UK recently, if you work with blood or are from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe or South America you may have missed this important vaccination.

Vaccination stimulates the body's immune system to fight a possible hepatitis B infection without causing the disease itself. It cannot protect you from hepatitis B if you are already infected, or protect you against any other type of blood virus.  Our Engerix Vaxpro 20mg vaccines are cold storaged from Sanofi Pasteur MSD.

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Hepatitis B Blood Testing

The Hepatitis B Trust offers comprehensive HBV Blood Testingservices with in depth results analysis and helpline support for those diagnosed positive or previously infected.

Intravenous and finger prick testing is available for individuals and large organisations.  Tests covered include.

HBsAg - Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
HBeAg- Hepatitis B E Antigen
HBcAb - Hepatitis Core Antibodies both IgG and IgM
Anti HBs - Anti bodies to Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
Anti HBs - Immunity titers post vaccination

Our laboratory services are with Synergy Health PLC whose test results are globally respected for travel and work purposes. 
Testing & Vaccination Brochure

Hepatitis B Risk Assessment

Our Experts and your Clinical Lead will complete an Organisation Risk Audit Assessment for all your staff.

A Working Plan is devised to arrange vaccination camps for recommended staff over 28 days or 6 months; this can be arranged at many venues depending on numbers. Training in intramuscular injections and “Premiership Blood Hygiene Precautions” can also be provided if required.

Vaccination Monitoring is designed in triplicate for your Organisation, Staff and Hep B Positive. Non responders and already infected staff will be supported and given further correct care pathways.

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