Acute Hepatitis-How Best to Clear

Acute Hepatitis B

Chart of Acute Infection Journey
Acute Hepatitis B lasts for about 6 months and 95% of adults can expect to clear the virus. It is very important people who know they have acute Hepatitis B get regular sleep if tired and avoid alcohol and antibiotics as both can make the Virus lasting and chronic.

Diet should be mild avoiding fried and fatty foods and far less red meat.
Water is also important to help flush the virus out. Stay calm, stay confident and you will clear. We have tracked our last 50 or more acute HBV patients with this approach and they all cleared.

At about 8 weeks after infection many patients have a very high ALT score of 1500 to 3000, again do not panic this is the liver fighting back against the Hepatitis B, a process termed "Immune Response" and not a sign of terrible long term consequences.

The Anti HBs positive blood test is usually done at 6 months after the risk or 4 months after the onset of symptoms, again stay calm if it does not emerge at this time, many patients find it emerges at 8 months after an infection. The wait can be a big worry but always remember 19 out of 20 adults clear Hepatitis B. We have found over the years it is those who have alcohol or antibiotics who do not. Also shift workers such as midwives who miss their crucial healing nights rest.
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