Funeral Staff Vaccinations

 Funeral Staff and HBV Vaccinations

At different times on our National Hepatitis B Helpline, we find little surges of calls related to a specific Industry and staff Hepatitis B Infections, Risks and Illnesses.  We have noticed the boom in HBV prevalence has led to ever greater risk for Funeral Staff, very few seem aware of a recent personal Immunity Score for their HBV vaccinations.  Bottom line if staff have no idea of whether their HBV vaccination is working they tend to catch HBV very much quicker.

HBV is guaranteed to infect with just three pricks from an infected instrument or body fluid.  We have had infection reports arising from scissors that have nicked a body and then pricked a staff member, we have had risks reported regarding sharp jewelry and rings. Also moving cadavers has resulted in body fluids contaminating staff eyes and mucal membranes (nose and mouth).

We are currently contacting a wide range of funeral chains as one Funerary worker pictured below recently developed aggressive liver cancer from a exposure dated to 1992.  Every time someone faces death due to these risks it is time for all Funeral Industry workers to take their HBV vaccination a whole lot more seriously.

If you work in the Funeral Industry and do not know your Immunity Score for Hepatitis B Antibodies call us now for further information and a free company or personal risk Audit.
Every funerary worker should be advised Hepatitis B is 100 times more infectious than HIV from a cadaver and that HBV prevalence in the UK has tripled due to migration in the last 25 years.
 Above Mr Ian Harmer former funeral worker HBV infected via injury from scissors receiving liver resection at Hammersmith Hospital, he died twice on the operating table and has now recovered enough to want to warn his former Industry.
Hepatitis B Vaccinations Brochure
The Hepatitis B Vaccination needs just 3 injections and is only safe when blood tested to be fully working 2 months after the last injection.  For more information call 0800 206 1899 and click on our booklet below
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