Occupations Needing HBV Vaccination

Occupations Needing Hepatitis B Vaccination and Blood Hygiene Precautions

Millions of people at some point work with blood. And infected blood to an open wound is 100 times more infectious than sex at transmitting hepatitis B and C! This simple fact explains why millions in the following professions have caught hepatitis B or C at some point in their careers and all are recommended for HBV vaccinations wherever they work on Earth and all need to use strict blood hygiene precautions. 

Nurses & Doctors Carers  click for doctors booklet 
 First Aiders  click for booklet
 Morticians click for page
 Tattooists click for booklet
 Sports people click for booklet
 Police & Security click for booklet
 Hairdressers  click for booklet
 Sewage Workers click for booklet
 Dental Assistants  click for booklet
 Beautician/Botox/Wax  click for booklet
 Custodial Staff click for booklet
 Lab Technicians click for booklet
 Emergency Workers click for booklet
 Sex Workers click for booklet
 Hospital Porters   
 Special Needs staff
 Migrant Workers 
 Child Foster Carers  click for booklet 
 Asylum/Prison Workers 
Chefs (wounds) 
 Builders (wounds) 
 Mechanics (wounds)
 Prosthetics Manufactureres

All these roles are recommended for vaccination. All have called the UK helpline reporting numerous infections over the years.  All have reported serious illness and sometimes deaths as a result of being incorrectly HBV Vaccinated.
All have much higher than the national average hepatitis b infection rates due to blood spill and the possibility of wounds at work. For instance before vaccination in the UK, 1 in 17 nurses caught hepatitis b from blood, and in the US they estimate a nurse still dies from it every day. This vaccination is mandatory overseas for almost all of the above job roles.

Hepatitis B Occupational Infection Facts

3 pricks from an infected (stained with hbv blood) syringe/source and infection will result. HBV is extremely easy to catch.
10% of the chronically infected will die of complications if left undiagnosed 
Hepatitis B is present in up to 1 in 10 UK sub Saharan Africans and Far East Asians and 1 in 50 UK Eastern Europeans and South East Asians. 
Most hepatitis b infections are silent happening without the employee knowing.

UK Medical Studies of how many workers caught acute HBV before HBV vaccination became common. 
1 in 38 National Average Tedder et al 1989.
1 in 17 Asylum Workers Holt et al 1985.
1 in 14 Exposure Prone Health Workers Fagan et al 1987.
1 in 19 Hospital Staff Vandervelde et al 1985.
1 in 31 Non Exposure Prone Health Workers Smith at al 1987.
1 in 10 Crime Scene Officers Morgan-Capner et al 1988.
1 in 22 Police Custody Officers Morgan-Capner et al 1988.

To date there have been no comprehensive studies of HBV general infection levels or staff infection levels in the UK for 20 years.  The guesstimate of 180,000 infections has been repeated since 1994, even as the World Health Organisation requested all borders to offer safety testing and HBV care due to the 3% migrant HBV infection levels.
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